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The Agility of Virtualization. The Performance of Dedicated Appliances.

Enterprises and service providers are moving toward a virtual approach to network and security functions to gain agility and operational efficiencies. However, virtualized servers often fall short when running I/O and compute-intensive networking, security and app delivery functions. In addition, VA provisioning can be complex. All of which adversely impacts adoption and the ability to maintain SLAs for business-critical customers and applications.

In addition to abstracting complexity and taking the guesswork out of VA provisioning, AVX Series Network Functions Platforms provide the best of both worlds – the agility of virtualization and the performance of dedicated appliances. Mix and match different size ADC, SSL VPN and 3rd-party networking, security and app delivery virtual appliances. Add, manage, change and delete VAs on a purpose-built platform that enables intuitive instantiation, service automation and guaranteed performance per virtual network function.

Top 5 Reasons to Choose Array’s Network Functions Platform