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Enterprise Storage

About Enterprise Storage

Enterprise storage is a centralized repository for business information that provides common data management, protection and data sharing functions through connections to computer systems. Because enterprises deal with heavy workloads of business-critical information, enterprise storage systems should be scalable for workloads of hundreds of terabytes or even petabytes without relying on excessive cabling or the creation of subsystems. Other important aspects of an enterprise storage system are unlimited connectivity and support for multiple platforms.

Network-attached storage (NAS) enables multiple client devices and users to access data from a central pool of disk storage. Users access the shared storage of NAS, which appears as a node with its own Internet Protocol (IP) address on the local area network (LAN) over an Ethernet connection. Ease of access, low cost and high capacities characterize NAS.

Direct-attached storage (DAS) is hard disk drives (HDDs) or solid-state drives(SSDs) connected directly inside or outside (in a storage enclosure) to a single computer or server that cannot be accessed by other computers or servers. Unlike NAS and SAN, DAS is not networked through Ethernet or FC switches.