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Paessler Router Traffic Grapher(PRTG)

About PRTG

PRTG is a network monitoring tool that helps you to ensure that your computer systems are running smoothly and that no outages occur. Network monitoring is also important to increase the efficiency of your network by knowing bandwidth and resource consumption.

PRTG (Paessler Router Traffic Grapher) is an agentless network monitoring software from Paessler AG. … It can monitor and classify system conditions like bandwidth usage or uptime and collect statistics from miscellaneous hosts as switches, routers, servers and other devices and applications.

In PRTG, sensors are the basic monitoring elements. One sensor usually monitors one measured value in your infrastructure, for example, the traffic of a switch port, the CPU load of a server, or the free space of a disk drive. On average, you need about 5-10 sensors per server or one sensor per switch port.